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Why Women Are Easier to Experience Depression

Depression can happen to anyone. However, women are said to be twice as likely to suffer from depression than men. One factor that is believed to play a role in increasing this risk is hormonal changes. Depression in women can cause a variety of complaints and symptoms ranging from sadness, loss of interest and enthusiasm to do fun activities, to the emergence of suicidal thoughts. The severity of the complaint will depend on the level of depression that occurs. This is the reason Women Are More Easily Depressed The high rate of depression in women occurs due to various reasons, ranging from biological, psychological, to socio-cultural factors. The following is the explanation: Biological reasons In women, changes in hormone levels, such as estrogen and progesterone, can affect parts of the nervous system that are associated with mood. This is also related to the increased risk of mental health disorders, including depression. Changes in female hormone levels occur during menst
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Besides Mother's Age, Father's Age also Affects Baby's Health

During this time, the age of the mother is often in the spotlight, starting from the age of marriage, pregnancy, until giving birth. Women's fertility is also considered to decrease with age. In fact, the age of the prospective father also affects the health of the baby in the womb until birth. People often assume men will continue to be fertile, because sperm continues to be produced until old age. This is considered different from women who eventually experience menopause. Even so, a number of health risks to the fetus and newborn are also associated with father's age. Effects of Father's Age and Baby's Health Conditions The number of sperm produced by men at the age of 25 or 50 years may not be much different, but the quality certainly changes. At the age of 40 years, in addition to a decrease in the quality of sperm, testosterone levels will also decrease, so that men will find it difficult to have sex regularly. In addition, father's age over 40 years is

These Facts About the Dangers of HP Radiation

Dependence of cellphone alias cellphone users is now getting higher, as product sales increase every year. However, the dangers of cell phone radiation that can cause health risks are increasingly being questioned. Estimates of the main reasons for the dangers of HP radiation which is considered to trigger cancer, namely the radiation produced, this is exacerbated by the increasing number of HP users, and the higher usage time. Unsupported Scientific Evidence Exposure to radiation until now has not had scientific evidence that can ensure an increased risk of cancer. The only effect of electromagnetic radiation that can be proven is the increase in heat in some parts of the body (for example the head and ears) that are close to the HP when used. However, how high the increase in body temperature from radiation also can not be clearly studied. In addition, a research group also reported that an increased risk of brain tumors on the side of the head that is widely used for telephon